The term "Applied Forensic Science" describes the majority of research conducted at the Applied Anatomical Research Center.


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AARC is dedicated to providing research opportunities for national and international investigators pursuing medical or scientific research. Research can be conducted in the Outdoor Research Facility or the Forensic Anthropology Laboratory.

Researchers interested in AARC as a research source, can contact the AARC Director, Dr. Joan Bytheway via e-mail or, phone 936-294-2310 or 936-294-4814, or fax 936-294-2311.

For consideration:

  1. Complete the Research Proposal Request Form
  2. Return to or
  3. AARC Research Committee will review the proposal and inform you of their decision within a brief period of time
  4. Depending on the research project, usage fees may be applied

While at AARC researchers must: