Willed-Body Donor Program

AARC is one of only six willed-body facilities in the United States that uses human body donations to advance research in medicolegal science for real life application to crime scenes and criminal investigations.

Each person has a unique story to tell, which contributes to the overall knowledge in the field that can help law enforcement solve a case, analyze a crime scene or identify a victim. The research conducted at AARC provides valuable insight into specific climatic regions, which can be used by similar areas around the world.

The donations also provide a legacy for generations to come by creating a modern day skeletal collection that offers a unique window into the ever-changing human race.

At the center of all research at AARC is the understood principle and practice that all donations are treated with dignity, respect, and confidentiality. Each family is provided a medallion in memory of their loved one, and every year a Memorial Service is held to honor those who gave the ultimate gift to AARC.

For those interested in contributing to scientific research, please review the process on the Body Donation page.