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Soccer State Champs!

First row from left: Dace Warren, David Lopez, Ben Bralley, Danny Allen, Ty Cothren, David Banos. Back row (left to right): Gap Porta, Chad Gargrave, Joel Diaz, Rob Mochen, Sonie Mulbah, Chris Herrera, Patrick Lindkvist, Brock Jessel, Rick Winchell, Jacob Hawthorne, Samuel Trevino. Not shown: Lascelles McCarthy III, Ryan Filewicz, Per Jonas Liesen, Burgan Brandon, Edgar Flores, Travis Hobbs, Erik Hoffman, Chris Moore, Aaron Navamore, Jeffrey Newcomer, Shgun Otegbola.

Tournament highlights:
Game 1 - SHSU 4/UT San Antonio 3 (goals...Joel Diaz-3, Rick Winchell-1; assists...David Banos-2, Joel Diaz-1, Sonie Mulbah-1);
Game 2 - SHSU 2/University of Houston 2 (goals...Joel Diaz-1, David Lopez-1, assists...David Banos-1, Ryan Filewitz-1);
Finals - SHSU 2/University of Texas-Brownsville1 (goals...Danny Allen-1, Ben Bralley-1, assists...Ben Bralley-1, Joel Diaz-1)

Tournament MVPs:
Patrick Lindkvist (goal keeper) and Joel Diaz. Lindkvist made phenomenal saves throughout the tournament; Diaz-scored four goals and two assists. Honorable mention: Ben Bralley, finals winning goal scorer and Dace Warren, strong defense.

- END -
Dec. 1, 1999
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