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Soccer Report

By Steve Reames
Department of Math and Computer Science

Last week the SHSU men's soccer team (student run) voted me as the faculty advisor. I thought I would take a couple of minutes out to report on the team and my observations of last week-end. First, I have never played soccer and know little about the game but I learned quickly. The 15 member team is dedicated and talented and true diplomats of our university.

The student coach (Joel Diaz) and I flew down to the University of Texas-Brownsville, Texas on Saturday and then to A&M-Kingsville, Texas on Sunday. The team, however, began driving a rental van at 3:00 am Saturday morning in order to be at the game at 1:00 pm. The field was hard and with bumps all over and the team was obviously playing against some semipros (from Mexico-I wonder if that is legal?). A hard fight was made by the team in sweltering 100 degree plus temperatures We lost 3-0 but with many many close scoring opportunities. I noted several SHSU parents that made the long long trip to the border. They served up valley oranges and Gatorade at half-time. I bonded with the guys that evening with dinner and a social outing. Each team member were team brothers. Laughter and comradery was obvious. They went out of their way to socialize with the the U of Texas team.

On Sunday, we met with the same hot temperature but a better field for play in Kingsville. Again the faithful parents were there in support of them. The opposing university coach (remember, we have a student run team) was pushy and degrading to some of our teammates but our team just ignored the comments and played on. Several bad calls were made by the sterilized referee but we ignored him. Real sportsman. The night before our fine SHSU football team (the oval kind) had beat the socks off of A&M Kingsville (especially in the first half), so they were mad. Anyway we felt a 0-0 score was not bad...considering it was soccer and they were horsey about everything.

Thanks to the parents for the oranges and the laughter and good spirit of the team. My regret is that we only allow $1,500 a year for the support of the team. Maybe we can join them this week-end at Univ of Houston or here on campus against SFA (7:00 pm, Sunday at Pritchett Field). Anyway, I am in until the count.

- END -
Sept. 30, 1999
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