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'Town Hall Meeting' Set

The Student Government Association and Division of Student Services at Sam Houston State University will hold a Town Hall Meeting Wednesday (Nov. 4) to discuss student safety issues related to alcohol use and sexual assault.

The discussion is scheduled for 7-9 p.m. in the Lowman Student Center Theater.

"This is an area that is not only a national issue but a Huntsville issue as well," said Nathan Coin, president of the SHSU Student Government Association. "We felt that the best way to address this topic would be through an educational process--getting together and talking about it.

"We want to bring the community and the campus together to have an informal discussion and to help educate the people who attend. We strongly encourage the community and students and faculty to attend. The more involvement, the better off our community will be."

John Delaney, dean of student life at SHSU, said that the program will consist of a three-part discussion. Segments will include "Education and Preventative Measures," including how to assist students to learn how to avoid or reduce assault or safety threats.

Another segment will be on "Crisis/Assault Intervention," including what reporting/notification process can be utilized and how the community can best respond to the incident and the immediate needs of the victim and victim's family.

Another segment will "Incident Response Mechanisms," or how to appropriately address medical, criminal, psychological and other factors that must be overcome by the victim to begin working towards a healthy recovery.

A panel from the SHSU and Huntsville community, selected because for their expertise and direct involvement in responding to these issues, will make the presentations.

Organizations which have indicated that they may participate include SAAFEhouse, Mayor's Office, Huntsville Memorial Hospital, Walker County Sheriff's Department, Huntsville Police Department, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, University Police Department, Walker County District Attorney's Office, SHSU Rape Crisis Team and Counseling Center, and University Residence Life Department.

A committee put together by Student Services, at the suggestion of Bobby K. Marks, Sam Houston president, is sponsoring the Town Hall Meeting. The committee is chaired by Thelma Douglass, vice president for student services, and includes David Payne, vice president for academic affairs.

The committee (SAM C.A.R.E.S) has indicated that it will sponsor additional safety-related programs in the future.

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Media Contact: Frank Krystyniak
Oct. 27, 1998
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