Sam Houston State University criminal justice professors Charles Friel and Larry Hoover have been selected to serve on the Information Technology Task Force of the Texas Commission on Judicial Efficiency.

Friel works extensively with the courts in a number of criminal justice projects and programs and Hoover is involved with the development of a criminal research and police information management and evaluation computer system.

Sam Houston State has also been recognized for leadership in technology usage by a computer publication for its Internet site. The university recently signed an agreement with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to provide computer imaging assistance to that organization.

The Texas Supreme Court created the Commission at the Legislature's direction to study and make recommendations on how to improve the courts. In addition to information technology, the Commission has been directed to explore judicial selection, funding parity, and staff diversity.

Donald Hardcastle, professor of physics and director of computing and information systems at Baylor University, will serve as chair of the Information Technology Task Force. Serving ex officio are Justice Nathan Hecht of the Texas Supreme Court, Judge Sharon Keller of the Court of Criminal Appeals, Judge Joe Spurlock of the Texas Judicial Council, and Mary Cowherd of the Office of Court Administration.

The task force will make recommendations to the Commission by August 1996.


Contacts: Dr. Charles Friel, 409-294-1652, or 409-295-3977 (home); or Dr. Larry Hoover, 409-294-1636. Media contact: Frank Krystyniak at 409-294-1833, 409-295-8541 (home), or e-mail pin_frk@shsu.edu.

Dec. 21, 1995