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Annual Art Walk To Paint Downtown Huntsville

Nov. 2, 2012
SHSU Media Contact: Meredith Mohr

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The streets of historic Huntsville will take on a new perspective during November, when the Sam Houston State University Student Art Association and SHSU art department hosts the second annual Art Walk.

Art Walk logoThrough the project, which will be ongoing from Nov. 11-17, students will fill the streets full of art submissions from students and faculty, coloring the sidewalks and alleyways with paint, creativity and artistic thought.

“The Student Art Association has a lot to offer to the City of Huntsville, and I hope that this project will pave the way for us to be able to do more events like this and build a stronger existence of art in the community,” SAA president Ashley Dehoyos said. “Our main goal is bridge the gap between the community and the arts by showing that the art scene can exist in a small town, and I feel we are making an impact as an organization.”

The art walk will take place at HCC Vineyard, at 1215 Sam Houston Ave. The interior space of HCC will house the 2-D and 3-D artwork and the five front-window space installations. The northwest side of the building has an alley where a collaborative student mural painting was completed during last years art walk, Dehoyos said.

A public reception will be on Nov. 16 from 7-10 p.m., during which numerous live performance art and projections will be in place in the space between HCC and the Ledbelly Building, including a piece in a repurposed elevator shaft car.

This is the second time the art department has organized this event, and the first year that the submission and selection process has been open to students who may not be art majors.

“This exhibition is a great introduction to the process of showing art and really a preparation for the future, with real-life experience and resume experience for curating and for graduate school,” said senior art student and SAA treasurer Josh Yates. “There is a lot of paperwork and rules and guidelines that must be followed, and it’s a pretty complicated process. We hope that this salon-style show will help art students get a head start on learning the ropes.”

Dehoyos said that, in her mind, the Art Walk is much more than just an art exhibit.

“It’s the hard work of an organization coming together and offering the community more than what they are used to,” Dehoyos said. “For some students and the community this is the closest that they will come to an art scene. I feel that if we can successfully do this as an organization then there is nothing to stop me from showing my work successfully as an individual. So it raises the standards not only in my work, but in the standard of showing art.”

The project also is about encouraging outreach and growth of the art department at the university and also promoting creativity in the city, according to Dehoyos.

“The Student Art Association has taught me so much in exploring opportunities to create art and the different ways to look at art and how to engage in the community,” Dehoyos said. “I am so proud of this organization and where it has come from over the years.

“Last spring, we raised over $1,000 for student artists at the Annual Art Auction held at the Wynn Home, and this year we hope to expose the community to the emerging artist here at Sam,” she said. “Art can take many forms: it can be fun, serious and therapeutic, and I hope that the community can come to the Art Walk to enjoy the visual artwork of my peers.”

Yates said he hopes the experience of the art walk is a creative, collective and reflective experience for everyone involved, whether artist or viewer.

“For me, art is really about introspection as the artist, searching yourself, learning what is important to the artist, and the artist himself takes that same stance reflected on himself,” Yates said. “We hope that anything we create will affect the viewer in some way, maybe making them see things with a different perspective or see new ideas in a new light.”

More information about the Art Walk may be found on their Facebook page, at facebook.com/pages/SHSU-SAA/172610566087126.



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