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Faculty, Staff Honored For Years Of Service

Sept. 3, 2010
SHSU Media Contact: Jennifer Gauntt

More than 50 university employees were recognized for their years of dedicated service to SHSU during the annual Faculty/Staff Convocation yesterday (Sept. 2) in the Performing Arts Center Concert Hall.

With 45 years of service: Robert Shadle, associate professor of history.
With 40 years of service (front row, from left): Leroy Ashorn, associate dean of the College of Business Administration and professor of finance; Maureen McIntyre, professor of theatre; Jerry Bruce, associate dean of the College Humanities and Social Sciences and professor of psychology; (back row, from left) Stanley Kordinak, professor of psychology; Glen Kercher, professor of criminal justice; and James Deshaw, professor of biology.
With 35 years of service (from left): Emmette Jackson, professor of photography; Paul Ruffin, distinguished professor of English.
With 30 years of service (from left): Frank Parker, vice president for Student Services; Ann Holder, director of the Newton Gresham Library; Keith Jenkins, associate professor of business administration; and Joe Kirk, professor of mathematics.
With 25 years of service (front row, from left): Karyl Horn, Payroll; Shelly Smith, Accounts Payable; Teresa Ringo, Registrar; Denise Henry, Residence Life; (back row, from left) Debra McCall, College of Criminal Justice Dean's Office; Kristina Hanssen, professor of theatre; and Jack Turner, professor of biology.
With 20 years of service as a staff member (first row, from left): Trina Strange, Distance Learning; Debbie Birdwell, Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations; Marcela Castillo, Custodial Services; Molly Currie, Controller's Office; Angel Lamb, Human Resources; (middle row, from left) Javier Zamudio, Residence Life; Lori Rose, biology; Melanie Walton, Newton Gresham Library; Debra Holl, Bursar's Office; James Harding, Physical Plant; Elaine Lewis, Physical Plant; Tim Tyler, Sam Houston Press; Catalina Huizar, Custodial Services; Gail Wright, Correspondence; Ray Smith, agriculture; (back row, from left) Robert Summers, Physical Plant; Doug Greening, Physical Plant; Ernst Wilson, Physical Plant; James Gregory, Jr., Custodial Services; Jack Nichols, Physical Plant; Jim Gibson, Student Legal Services; and Doug Wright, Financial Aid.
With 20 years of service as a faculty member (front row, from left): Fergen Deng, professor of sociology; Jiahuang Ji, associate professor of computer science; Tracy Bilsing, associate professor of English; Mary Robbins, professor of reading; Beverly Irby, associate dean of the College of Education and professor of education; (back row, from left) Jurg Gerber, professor of criminal justice; Teri Lesesne, professor of library science; Leonard Breen, associate professor of education; Gan Liang, professor of physics; and Nick Pappas, professor of history.
2010 Staff Excellence Award recipients include: Molly Doughtie, John Douglas and Pam Thaler. Not pictured is Janie Joyce.



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