Faculty/Staff Annual Fund Campaign Breaks Another Record


The College of Arts and Sciences raised the most dollars during the campaign.  Jim Bexley presented the award to representatives of the college.  Pictured from left, Nicole Sullivan, Julie Schwab, David Burris, Bexley, Dwayne Pavelock, Andy Noble, Darren Williams and Chad Hargrave.

Volunteers for the Sam Houston State University Faculty/Staff Annual Fund Campaign were applauded for their efforts during a recognition luncheon held March 17 in the Peabody Library.

SHSU President Jim Gaertner praised the university’s 78 percent participation rate.

“Gifts to the university’s Faculty/Staff Campaign reach our students, our research, our colleagues and our friends. In fact, everyone connected to Sam Houston State University benefits from the generosity of our employees,” said Gaertner.

The College of Criminal Justice had the highest participation increase.  Jim Bexley presented the award to representatives Janet Mullings, Amanda Burris and Ann Broussard.

“When the Faculty/Staff Campaign started in FY2000-2001, there was an 18.7 percent participation rate, and $62,680 was raised. Two years later, it had increased to 23.7 percent and $76,000 raised,” Gaertner said.

“When we started working with a volunteer committee, the participation rate increased to 37.6 percent and we raised $121,000. Five years later (FY2007-2008), we increased to 77 percent participation and had raised $238,862 for the year,” he said.

“This past fall during the campaign, the faculty and staff giving reached a 78 percent participation rate with 1,235 donors giving or pledging $153,000,” Gaertner said.

Campaign coordinator Cindy Truax, who is the SHSU director of annual giving, was pleased with the outcome, as well.

Academic Affairs had 100 percent participation.  Chair Jim Bexley presented the award to representatives Dorothy Roberson, Keri Rogers and Dick Eglsaer.

“We have a wonderful group of people that work on the committee encouraging others within their departments to give back to the university,” she said.

“And not only did we increase the number of donors this year, we also increased the number of employees on payroll deduction,” she said. “We started the fiscal year with 231 employees giving by payroll deduction, and we now have over 300 employees on payroll deduction. In dollars, it comes to about $6,200 per month.”

Truax added that contributions from faculty and staff for FY2008-2009 are encouraged through Aug. 31.

During the luncheon, awards were presented to university divisions that had 100 percent participation, the one with the highest participation increase, and the one that raised the highest amount of money.

Student Services had 100 percent staff participation  Representing the division were, from left, Leah Mulligan, Frank Parker and Angie Burns.

Jim Bexley, campaign general chairman, shared with the group some of the methods used by departments to encourage participation and commended Enrollment Management for their unique and fun ways of getting their employees involved.

Sherry Henke, campaign staff chair, and Rosanne Keathley, campaign faculty chair, joined Bexley in handing out the awards.

Units with 100 percent participation included Academic Affairs, Student Services, the President's Office, the College of Education, and University Advancement.

The unit with the highest participation increase over the previous year, going from 66 percent to 85 percent participation, was the College of Criminal Justice.

The College of Arts and Sciences was recognized as the division with the most dollars raised — $34,719.

A listing of employees who have contributed and details on how to participate is available online.

The President's Office had 100 percent participation.  Representatives were Jim Gaertner, Kathy Gilcrease and Nathan Fontaine.

The College of Arts and Sciences campaign committee was chaired by Dwayne Pavelock with members David Burris, Kim Childress, Max Coleman, Becky Finley, Barry Friedman, Chad Hargrave, Andy Noble, Julie Schwab, John Strait, Nicole Sullivan, Karen Whitney and Darren Williams.

Bill Green chaired the College of Business Administration committee with members Joe Kavanaugh, Anna Shaheen, Carol Shaw and Laura Sullivan.

The College of Criminal Justice committee was chaired by Amanda Burris with members Ann Broussard, Doug Dretke, Nancy Durham and Janet Mullings.

The College of Education committee was chaired by Sherry Hirsch with members Debbie Allen, Randi Clower, Fred Lunenburg, Susan Hayes, Maggie McGuire and Ryan Zapalac.

University Advancement had 100 percent participation.  Representatives were Cindy Truax and Frank Holmes.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences committee was chaired by Terry Thibodeaux and included members Debra Andrist, Rosanne Barker, Tracy Bilsing, Gustie Callaway, Ty Cashion, Donna Desforges, Brenda Lowery, Mitzi Mahoney, Lee Miller and Janis White.

The Academic Affairs committee was chaired by Dorothy Roberson with members Cathi Gillette and Keri Rogers.

The Enrollment Management committee was chaired by Kerry Berry with members Vicki Barrilleaux, Lydia Hall and Denise Henry.

The College of Education had 100 percent participation  Representatives included, from left Genevieve Brown, Debbie Allen, Rosanne Keathley, Sherry Hirsch, Susan Hayes, Randi Clower and Fred Lunenburg.

The Finance and Operations committee was chaired by Glenn Green with members Cynthia Bennett, Debbie Birdwell, Jacob Chandler, Kevin Morris, Reneé Starns, Cari Taylor, Noelle Thompson and Angela Wright.

The Newton Gresham Library committee was chaired by Cheryl Spencer with member Marsha Dickens.

The President's Office committee was chaired by Kathy Gilcrease with member Nathan Fontaine.

The Student Services committee was chaired by Angie Burns with members Cindy Allbright and Dan McDaniel.


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