SGA Elections

Filing Opens:
February 25 @ 8 am

Filing Closes
March 8 @ 5 pm

Candidate Meeting:
March 18 @ 5 pm
LSC 326

April 3-4

Final Results:
April 8 @ 5 pm

Election 2013

Election Coordinator
Cody Hatcher, Senator (COS)

Official Election Results
*Denotes a write-in candidate receiving enough votes to be considered a candidate
^Denotes senate seat that will be vacated pending finalization of officer victory


Ramiro Jaime Jr

Kolby Flowers
Vice President

Robert Arriaga

Chaston Pruitt

Michael Harvey
Chief of Staff


College of Business Administration

Haley Jozwiak
Kelsey New
Eleanor Jones
Madelyn Clarke

College of Criminal Justice

Spencer Copeland
Canon Baldrigde

College of Education

Ginger Malone
Stori Ellis

College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication


College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Griffin Winkworth
Steven Perry
Cristan Shamburger
Sara Caitlin Barrow
Stephen Farrand

College of Sciences

Robert Ferguson




Petition to the Election Commission

The Election Commission met on March 22 at 6 p.m. to rule on protests filed against candidates Mike Apt, Ashton Winfree, Alexis Bloomer, Lauren Fenn, and Hailey Wyant.

Here is the official ruling from the commission.





On Tuesday, March 5, Vice President Flowers nominated Sen. Hatcher as the Deputy Coordinator for the 2013 Election Commission, in accordance with the SGA Election Code. It states that in the event that the Vice President's name shall appear on the ballot, he shall appoint a new Coordinator, whose name shall not appear on the ballot.