Jon W. Short, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Sam Houston State University





Office:               LDB 417-C


Telephone:       (936) 294-1471                          


email:                 jon at shsu dot edu


FAX:                  (936) 294-1882


Departmental Webpage:





Research Areas:

Topological Groups; General Topology




Quotients of weakened Lie groups (in preparation)


Completions of altered topological subgroups of \mathbb{R}^n, (accepted), International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Dense arc components in weakened topological groups, Topology Proc. 29, no 1, (2005), 343-359.
Weakened Lie groups and their locally isometric completions, Topology and its Applications 135, (2004), 47-61. (With T. Christine Stevens)

Curriculum Vita (someday)