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Thrash is a variant of hardcore distinguished by its (1) lack of a discernable melody (the vocalist usually shouts over a loud guitar buzz); (2) emphasis on crude, propulsive rhythms; (3) simple chord structures; and (4) extremely short songs, often under two minutes in length. The style, which peaked in the early 1980s, was favored by skateboarders and mosh pit denizens.


Top Artists and Their Recordings

Gaye Bykers on Acid

The Germs--(GI) (1979); What We Do Is Secret EP (1981); Germicide: Live at the Whiskey (1981); Lion's Share (1985); Rock N' Rule (1986); Cat's Clause (1993)

JFA/Jodie Foster's Army--Live 1984 Tour (1984); Untitled/Mad Garden (1985)


Suicidal Tendencies--Join the Army (1988); Control the Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Deja-Vu (1989)