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The Dave Clark Five were on offshoot of the Tottenham Hotspurs (suburban London) soccer team; the band was started in order to raise money for a match in Holland. The drummer, Dave Clark, soon took on the main songwriting, producing, and managing responsibilities.

The DC5, as they were frequently called, were one of the first British Invasion groups to achieve hit status in the United States. Between 1964-1967, they placed twenty-four singles and thirteen albums on the charts. Among their notable successes were "Glad All Over" (Epic 9656; 1964), "Bits and Pieces" (Epic 9671; 1964), "Can’t You See That She’s Mine" (Epic 9692; 1964), "Because" (Epic 9704; 1964), "Catch Us If You Can" (Epic 9833; 1965), and the number one hit "Over and Over" (Epic 9863; 1965).

Unlike many of their British compatriots, who favored softer romantic or novelty styles, the DC5 featured a loud, dynamic sound punctuated by Denis Payton’s blaring sex and Clark’s taut snare drum figures. Mike Smith’s gruff vocals and the densely-textured production work added to the overall sense of excitement. However, the group lacked the ability—or inclination—to develop beyond the simple formulas that had initially resulted in fame and fortune. With poor record sales and new popular music trends such as psychedelia and progressive rock, the band split up in 1970. Smith has continued to record in various projects, while Clark found success in business, including television production and releasing a double-CD retrospective of original DC5 masters in 1993. [Schaffner. 1983]