NOTE: This page contains downloadable music, click on the quality level and save the file to your hard drive to listen.
The larger the kbps the larger the file and it will take longer to download.

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Assignment No. 1

Click here.  Follow directions outlined in that section.

Assignment No. 2

Click the mp3 quailty (8kbps) to access October 26, 1999 concert featuring Bobby Weir's Backyard.  Critique the performance in a paper ranging from 250-350 words.  Be sure to note both musical and song lyric elements.

Assignment No. 3

Students wishing to improve a test grade (i.e., "B" to "A," "C" to "B," etc.) can do so by effectively executing the following steps:

(1)    Access the following website:

(2)    Select - and left click on - one of the listed music genres (e.g., electronica, country).

(3)    Identify any three artists and play available mp3 files.  Your computer will require a sound card and multimedia player.  A particularly good player can be downloaded free at

(4)    Write a concise review (at least 250 words) of each song.

Another site - - can be either be substituted for the above service in fulfilling the requirements of Assignment No. 2.  Virtually all music here consists of privately recorded (with artist permission) concerts.  Select three songs performed by one artist (songs can be from more than one concert) and write a 250+ word review for each.

Each of the above assignments can be employed to improve one particular test by a letter grade.  Each student is limited to improving grades for two tests.