Appendix III: Ratings Of Pioneer Era Recording Artists
Jim Walsh's "Supreme Fifteen":
1. Billy Murray; Henry Burr
2. Ada Jones; Len Spencer
3. Arthur Collins; Byron G. Harlan
4. Harry Macdonough
5. Albert Campbell
6. Frank C. Stanley
7. Steve Porter
8. Billy Golden
9. S.H. Dudley
10. William F. Hooley
11. Dan W. Quinn
12. Cal Stewart
Source: Walsh, Jim. "Are These the `Supreme Fifteen'?,"
Hobbies. 50 (June 1945) 16-17.
Arnold Jacobson's popularity ranking based upon requests
made to his mail order cassette service since the 1960s:
1. Billy Murray
2. Henry Burr
3. Ada Jones
4. Gene Austin
5. Vernon Dalhart
6. Peerless Quartet
7. Cal Stewart
8. Collins and Harlan
9. American Quartet
Kurt Nauck's ranking of demand based upon his mail order
business, Nauck's Vintage Records, instituted in the late
1. Cal Stewart
2. Billy Murray
3. Ada Jones
4. Edward M. Favor
5. Dan Quinn
6. Russell Hunting
7. George Graham
Bill Schurk's popularity ranking based upon thirty years
of record hunting as director of the Bowling Green State
University Sound Recordings Archive:
1. Henry Burr
2. Billy Murray
3. Collins and Harlan
4. Frank Crumit/Al Jolson (often coupled on the
Columbia label)
5. Cal Stewart
Arthur Vergara's popularity ranking based upon a lifetime of
record collecting beginning around 1950:
1. Billy Murray
2. Ada Jones
3. Henry Burr
4. Collins and Harlan
5. Peerless Quartet
6. American Quartet