Vita 2010

Updated January 2010



  1. Ph.D. (Mathematics)Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, May 1985

  2. M.S.  (Mathematics)University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, May 1977

  3. B.S.   (Mathematics)Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois, May 1975

Professional Experience

  1. August 2007 – present,         Professor,  Sam Houston State University

  2. July 1994 – 2007,                 Professor, Central Michigan University

  3. August 2005 – June 2006,     Visiting Scholar, University of Richmond

  4. January 1999 – August 1999,     Visiting Professor, Colorado State University

  5. October 1995 – August 1997,     Assistant Vice-Provost for Institutional Research & Planning

  6. August 1989 – July 1994,     Associate Professor, Central Michigan University

  7. May 1992 – July 1992,         Technical Director, National Security Agency,

  8. June 1990 – June 1991,         Senior Cryptologic Mathematician, National Security Agency

  9. April 1985 – August 1989,     Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University

  10. August 1984 – April 1985,     Instructor, Central Michigan University

  11. August 1980 – May 1984,     Graduate Teaching Assistant, Colorado State University

  12. August 1979 – May 1980,     Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois

  13. August 1978 – May 1979,     Instructor, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois

  14. August 1975 – May 1978,     Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois

Administrative Experience

  1. Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Sam Houston State University,  2007 – 2008

  2. Math Area Coordinator, Mathematics Department, Central Michigan University,  2000 – 2004

  3. Interim Assistant ViceProvost, Central Michigan University, 1995 – 1997

  4. Graduate Coordinator, Mathematics Department, Central Michigan University, 1992 – 1995

  5. Mathematics Department Executive Committee, Central Michigan University, 1992 – 1995, 2000 – 2004

  6. Executive Committee of the University Graduate Council, Central Michigan University,  1993 – 1995

  7. Academic Senate Executive Board, Central Michigan University, 1987 – 1988

External Grants funded

  1. Co-PI NSF MCTP grant, approx. $1,500,000, 2007-2011 (This grant, on “Longterm Undergraduate Research Experiences”, is a collaborative project with CMU, the University of Richmond, Coppin State University and Olin College.)

  2. Co-PI NSF grant, $1,065,000 (PI: Doug Lapp & Azita Manouchehri), 2005-2009.

  3. Co-PI NSF-REU grant, approx. $185,000 (with Sivaram Narayan), 2006-2008.

  4. Co-PI REU grant for $165,000 from the NSF (with Sivaram N arayan), 2003-2005.

  5. Received SUMMA seed grant of $5,000 for minority intervention in mathematics, 1996.

  6. Received NSA grant of $17,700, summer 1995, for research on nonabelian difference sets.

Teaching Experience and Curricular Development

In addition to the standard entry-level undergraduate mathematics course (including honors classes in calculus and linear algebra) I have taught the following upper level and graduate classes at Central Michigan University and Sam Houston State University.

Upper undergraduate Level:

  1. Introduction to Analysis

  2. Differential Equations

  3. College Geometry

  4. Discrete Structures

  5. Elem. Statistical Analysis

  6. The Theory of Numbers

  7. Math of Cryptology

  8. Modern Algebra & Modern Algebra II

  9. Mathematical Logic

  10. History of Mathematics

  11. Applied Combinatorics

Masters Level:

  1. Advanced Calculus I & II

  2. Abstract Algebra I & II

  3. Coding Theory

  4. Theory of Groups

  5. Theory of Associative Rings

  6.     History of Advanced Mathematics

Doctoral Level:

  1. Topics in Geometry (Non-Euclidean)

  2. History of Advanced Math (Calculus to the present)

  3. Combinatorics, II

  4. Seminar in Coding Theory

  5. Topics in Algebra

  6.    Topics in Combinatorics

  7. Algebraic Number Theory

I have directed four doctoral dissertations in combinatorial mathematics (Paul Becker, CMU 2000, Omar AbuGhneim, CMU 2005, Solomon Osifodunrin, CMU 2008, Jordan Webster, CMU 2009.

I have taught geometry and precalculus in CAMP (for gifted and talented high school students.)  I created and taught an introductory statistics class on the internet (1995.)

I created (with Arnold Hammel, CMU) MTH 522, The Mathematics of Cryptology.

  I created (with Doug Lapp, CMU) MTH 261, Problem-based Algebra and Calculus for Secondary Teachers.

I have directed approximately a dozen masters theses and Plan B papers. 

I have directed a variety of undergraduate students on projects in matrix analysis, graph theory and algebraic combinatorics, working with over thirty students in the last ten years.

Recent presentations                         (Last three years; older presentations are archived here.)

  1. Three undergraduate research problems in graph theory, Lamar State University, Nov. 2007.

  2. Three undergraduate research problems in graph theory, Sul Ross State Univ, Jan.  2008.

  3. Three undergraduate research problems in graph theory, Trinity University, Feb. 2008.

  4. Three undergraduate research problems in graph theory, Univ. of North Texas, Feb. 2008.

  5. Distinguished Alumnus presentation, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, Nov. 2008.

  6. Auto-correlation, difference sets and the equation XX^(-1) = 36, Fort Collins, CO, Nov. 2008.

  7. Rational Idempotents in the Integral Group Ring and their applications, CombinaTexas, Houston, TX, April 2009.

  8. Storer’s Conjecture and Nonabelian Hadamard Difference Sets, Dayton, OH, Oct. 2009.

  9. Longterm Undergraduate Research Experiences in Texas, TUMC, Nov. 2009.

  10. Storer’s Conjecture and Nonabelian Hadamard Difference Sets, Fort Collins, CO, Nov. 2009.

Professional Growth Activities, Awards, Memberships

  1. Distinguished Alumnus, Colorado State University, November 2008.

  2. Visiting Scholar (Sabbatical), University of Richmond, Fall 2005-Spring 2006.

  3. Received President's Research Investment Fund (CMU grant) with Don Marks, Arnold Hammel, on Cryptography Toolkit, 2002 and coordinated, with Arnold Hammel (MTH) and Don Marks (CPS), The CrytptoTools student research group, 2002.

  4. Co-coordinator and speaker in Tournament Matrix Seminar, 2001-2002.

  5. Participant in McGraw-Hill Calculus Symposium, June 2001.

  6. Director of the Graph Theory Seminar, 2000-2001.

  7. Collaborated with CMU visiting professor, Robert Molina, on research in graph theory.

  8. Received University Research Professor award, Spring 2000.

  9. Sabbatical visit to Colorado State University, Spring 1999.

  10. Director of  the CMU Combinatorics Seminars.

  11. Organized the Central Michigan problem solving group, Nasha Komanda. 

  12. Directed an interdisciplinary course in Cryptology and Number Theory with Neelima Shrikhande, chair of the Computer Science Department (1992 – 93).

  13. Technical director for the National Security Agency; mentored undergraduate research projects with students in the NSA's summer program (Summer 1992).

  14. Led a seminar on difference sets at the National Security Agency (1990 – 91).

  15. Coordinated a two-semester class on Coding Theory, Information & Cryptanalysis (1989 – 90).

  16. Regular contributor to the Mathematical Reviews.  Referee for the Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, the Journal of Combinatorial Designs. the Journal of Designs, Codes and Cryptography and other journals in combinatorics.

  17. Member, American Mathematical Society

  18. Member, Mathematical Association of America

  19. Associate Fellow, Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications

Research publications (on a separate page)