Scholarships for Graduate Students at Sam Houston

     There are a number of scholarships available for graduate students who are entering Sam Houston or currently attending Sam Houston:

  1. For entering or current students, there is a competitive College of Science (COS) scholarship of $1500 per semester.  Students may fill out this form (in pdf) and email it to to Dr. Ken Smith or turn it in at the COS office in LDB 200.  (To be considered for fall semester, the form must be submitted to the COS office before April 1; to be considered for the spring semester, the form must be submitted to the COS office before November 1.)

  2. For entering students, there is a Graduate Studies Recruitment Scholarship.  This award is $500-$1000 per semester but it also awards international students the right to in-state tuition. If you are interested in this award, please download the Graduate Studies Recruitment Application (pdf), fill it out and mail it to Dr. Ken Smith.  (Or attach it in an email.) He will then correspond with you about final details before submitting it to the graduate school.

  3. There are additional scholarships, including NSF-supported PEERS scholarships.  US residents should contact Dr. Melinda Holt or Dr. Brian Loft regarding the PEERS scholarships.  

  4. There may be, from time-to-time, additional summer support, either through math tutoring or a department grant.  Contact Ken Smith or the department chair to find out more about these options.

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