Guidelines to completing the application process at Sam Houston

        Potential graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Ken Smith by email <KenWSmith (at) SHSU (dot) EDU> prior to applying for graduate studies in Mathematics.  Dr. Smith will correspond with potential graduate students and provide some guidance on assistantship support and the application process.  In this preliminary conversation, please provide (informal) undergraduate transcripts and make plans to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  Formal GRE scores should be sent to Sam Houston.  (The ETS code for Sam Houston is 6643.)

        We will also need letters of recommendation from three of the student’s undergraduate professors.

        After sending an inquiry email to Dr. Ken Smith, qualified students will be encouraged to apply to the MS program in Mathematics.  The university encourages students to use the Apply Texas online application process.  This allows the student to fill out a profile electronically and submit many materials online.  Other information about student applications are available via ApplyTexas here.


        For international students, we will eventually need the following:

  1. Original evaluation of foreign educational credentials

  2.  Proof of financial support.

        Students must demonstrate a speaking knowledge of English.  To be admitted into full standing as a graduate student, applicants from outside the U.S. whose first language is not English must submit a TOEFL score of at least 550, or at least 213 if they took the computerized version of the test, or a 79 internet based score.  (A score of 6.5 IELTS is also acceptable.)

         Students whose TOEFL is below those scores, above, may be admitted but must take an English language course during their first semester.

TRANSCRIPT EVALUATIONS (International applicants)

        International students seeking assistantships will need to have a formal transcript evaluation. More details are provided here.


     There are a number of scholarships available for graduate students who are entering Sam Houston or currently attending Sam Houston.  Information about these is on our scholarship page.

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