Finally, we would like to ask some questions about you?



5.1  What was your age at your last birthday? ____________ (record exact number)




5.2 Which of the following best describes your racial or ethnic group?

Ä White                                              

Ä Black

Ä Hispanic      

Ä Bi-racial

Ä Multi-racial

Ä Other          

Ä Don't know



5.3 What was the last grade of school you completed?

Ä Grade 0 - 4

Ä Grade 5 - 8

Ä Grade 9 - 11, some high school

Ä Grade 12, high school graduate

Ä Some college, business or trade school work

Ä College graduate

Ä Graduate work

Ä Don't know



5.4 On average, how would you consider your computer usage?

Ä None (SKIP TO 5.5)

Ä Low

Ä Moderate

Ä Frequent

Ä Don't know



5.4.1 During a typical week, how many hours do you spend using the internet or the "World Wide Web?"

            (record exact number)         ­­­____________




5.5 From which one source do you get most of your news about crime?

Ä Television

Ä Newspapers

Ä Co-workers

Ä Friends

Ä Neighbors

Ä Other (Please specify: _______________________)

Ä Don't know



5.6 What political party most closely represents your feelings?

Ä Republican

Ä Democrat

Ä Independent

Ä Other (Please specify: _______________________)

Ä Don't know



5.7 Which of the following most closely reflects the size of your community?

Ä Rural           

Ä Small town

Ä Small city

Ä Suburb

Ä Urban

Ä Don't know



5.8 What is your religious preference?

Ä Protestant

Ä Catholic

Ä Jewish

Ä Other (Please specify: _______________________)

Ä Don't know



5.9 Please indicate your annual household income by selecting the most appropriate choice below:

Ä Less than $15,000

Ä Between $15, 000 and $30,000      

Ä Between $30,000 and $60,000

Ä Over $60,000

Ä Don't know





5.10 Are you a male or a female?

Ä Male

Ä Female