Survey Lab Methodology Report for
Sam Houston State University's
1999 Texas Crime Poll

The initial training session was held and interviewing began on July 15, 1999, and was attended by
twenty-five interviewers, five supervisors and Survey Operations Coordinator.  Although a few new
employees were trained on the study after the start date, more than half of the employees working this
study had previous experience working short-term projects. All supervisors working at the time of this
study and responsible for monitoring the surveys, were familiar with the SHSU Crime studies either as
an interviewer or supervisor.  Telephone interviews were completed by August 11, 1999.

Total sample used for the project was 3,125 with the final dispositions as follows:

 No Attempt:       6
 Call Back:   287
 Deaf/Language:    18
 Complete:   607
 Exclude:   299
 Terminate:     66
 No Answer/Busy/
 Answering Machine  480
 Bad Number/Disconnect: 658
 Refusal:   704
 Total:            3,125

Cooperation rate (without looking at excludes) was:
= 44.1%

Taking excludes into the equation yielded a cooperation rate of:
= 54.2%

While it may appear that sample remained that could have been worked, 35% of CALLBACKS
(101 of 287) had greater than 5 attempts, and 75.8% of NO ANSWER/BUSY/ANSWERING
MACHINES (364 of 480) had also been attempted more than 5 times.   While there were few
DEAF/LANGUAGES, there was a considerable amount of BAD NUMBERS, for a total of 21.6%
of the sample that was unable to participate.