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Significant Sigs

In 1935, seven men were honored by receiving the first Significant Sig recognition by Sigma Chi Fraternity. "Starting with this Grand Chapter, it has been decided to award Significant Sig medals to our illustrious sons whose achievements have brought honor and prestige to the name of the Sigma Chi Fraternity," stated L. A. Downs, president of the Illinois Central Railroad and member of the Sigma Chi Executive Committee. Today the number has grown to over 1,500 Brothers in all facets of business, entertainment, sports, government, and a myriad of professional areas.

The names included in the following categories are listed according to the year in which they were named Signficant Sigs. The entities to which they are associated are those when they received their recognition. Links to pages concerning Significant Sigs are provided in some cases and will be updated when such information becomes available.

The Class of 1996
The Class of 1997
The Class of 1998
The Class of 2016

Business Canadian Dignitaries Education Entertainment Law Medicine
Military Sports State Officials Theology U.S. Government Written Word

First Significant Sigs

Pictured left are Raymond H. Fogler, Vice President of Montgomery Ward and Co; Roy Chapman Andrews, director of American Museum of Natural History; John T. McCutcheon, dean of American cartoonists; and L. A. Downs, president of Illinois Central Railroad. Brothers Andrews and McCutcheon, along with George Ade, Chase M. Osborn, James Wallington, F. Dudleigh Vernor, and Samuel Cowley were the first Sigma Chis to be named Significant Sigs at the 1935 Grand Chapter.

Count from 5/1/96-1/22/97: 1,395
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