Significant Sigs: Class of 1996

  1. George E. Agle (Cornell '64)
  2. Fred Babcock (Dartmouth '36)
  3. Walter E. Bartlett (Bowling Green/Denison '48)
  4. Robert D. Basham (Maryland '70), President and CEO of Outback Steakhouses, Inc; "entrepreneur of the year"
  5. Adm. Jerry Breast (Vanderbilt '58), Chairman of Veterans and Defense Policy Council
  6. Jerry Chicone, Jr (Florida '56)
  7. Vic Conant (Florida '56)
  8. H. Garfield Emerson, Q.C. (Toronto-Ryerson '63), Chairman of Rogers Communication
  9. L. Wayne Gertmenian (S. California '61)
  10. Clarence Gilyard (Cal/Long Beach '81), current co-star of Walker, Texas Ranger and of television's Matlockand Chips, and motion pictures (Top Gun, Die Hard)
  11. Richard H. Gordon (Ohio Wesleyan '62), owner of Hartford Whalers Hockey Club Partnership
  12. John R. Guthrie (Kentucky '63), Chairman of Jack Guthrie Associates, a real estate firm
  13. Tom Hallick (Florida Southern '63), actor who has appeared in several television series (Murder She Wrote, Time Travellers and Days of Our Lives)
  14. Lawrence M. Johnson (Bradley '62)
  15. James B. Kuhn (San Diego State '53), member of the Education Foundation Board of Trustees of CSCPA
  16. Fowler H. Low (Goergia Tech '54)
  17. F. A. Little (Tuland '58)
  18. Marcel Livaudias (Tuland '46)
  19. J. Michael Luttif (Washington & Lee '76), federal appeals judge (4th Curcuit Court of Appeals), longtime clerk for Warren Burger and executor of Burger's will
  20. Charles F. McDevitt (Idaho '52), Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Idaho
  21. Theodore "Ted" McGinley (S. California '81), co-star of Married With Children
  22. Maurice J. O'Brien (Northewestern '47)
  23. Scott S. Parker (Utah '57), President, Intermountain Health Care
  24. Brad Pitt (Missouri/Columbia '86), motion picture star and Academy- Award nominee (Legends of the Fall, Twelve Monkeys, Interview With a Vampire)
  25. Paul Rosenblatt (Washington (Seattle) & Arizona '50)
  26. William K. Schubert (Cincinnati '48), President and CEO, Children's Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati)
  27. David Stith (Ohio '64)
  28. Albert C. Wagner (Ohio & Ohio State '54)
  29. Joseph Watters (Arizona State '62)
  30. Kenneth L. Way (Michigan State '61), Chairman of the Board and CEO of Lear Corporation