"I'm Glad I'm A Sigma Chi"

by Stokes and Vernor

Information on Stokes and Vernor on "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" page.

Phi Delta Theta, Fiji and Beta were all over there, were all over there;
DU and Chi Psi too, you know what they did and it's all true.
Sigma Chi was just ace high, every mother's son was there to do or die;
In victory's heav'n the stars are seven, a White Cross gleams in the sky. Hi!
I'm glad they loved Sigma Chi, the lads who were over there;
Every gob and doughboy, marine and oh-boy! the birds who fought in the air;
The big gun boys who made all the noise, your glory will never die;
Every rollicking son of America makes me glad I'm a Sigma Chi.

I'm Glad. . .