Sigma Chi Fraternity
Epsilon Psi Chapter
Sam Houston State University
Fall 2016
Initiated on Nov. 5, 2016

Joey Cotton
Kyle Ranostaj
Bryce Parker
Tanner Charalampous
Garrett Gunnels
Bradley Stone
Kelton Farmer
Zeke Hayes
Mike Hamric
Spencer Dunham
Isaac Eng
J P Ferris
Tommy Smith
Cullen Robertson
Macord Foran
Zach Christmas
Tyler Dornak
Nik Shaili
Enrique Perez
Mark Gracia

Bid Day, Sept. 10, 2016

Left and up and down to Right: Mark Gracia, Kyle Ranostaj, Nikhil Shaili, J.P. Ferris, Cullen Robertson, Tyler Dornak, Zach Christmas, Michael Hamrik, Bryce Parker, Tommy Smith, Isaac Eng, Austin Hayden, Arnold Yoder, Zeke Hayes, Spencer Dunham, Enrique Perez, Macord Foran, Kelton Farmer, Garrett Gunnels, Bradley Stone, Tanner Charalampous, Joey Cotton

Pledge Retreat, Oct. 8, 2016, at Jimmy Ferris' home

Left to Right: Jimmy Ferris, JP Ferris, Macord Foran, Cullen Robertson, Spencer Dunham, Nik Shaili, Tanner Charalampous, Enrique Perez, Mike Hamrik, Tommy Smith, Tyler Dornak,
Bryce Parker, Arnold Yoder, Andrew Fry, Joey Cotton, Mark Gracia, Zeke Hayes, Kyle Ranostaj, Kelton Farmer

Initiation, Nov. 5, 2016

Left to Right: Tyler Dornak, Bryce Parker, Tommy Smith, Michael Hamric, Cullen Robertson, Bradley Stone, Kelton Farmer, Tanner Charalampous, Macord Foran, J P Ferris, Zack Christmas,
Kyle Ranostaj, Enrique Perez, Isaac Eng, Spencer Dunham, Garrett Gunnels, Mark Gracia, Nikhil Shaili
Kneeling: Zeke Hayes, Joey Cotton