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This web site is designed for the purpose of informing others about the Epsilon Psi Chapter at Sam Houston State University and for offering the opportunity to the undergraduate and alumni members of this Chapter to witness the continuing history of our chapter. There are also many pages focused on many areas of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity to allow anyone to look at the vastness of the fraternity. Most pages will be updated frequently.

House Cross Epsilon Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi International Fraternity was installed at Sam Houston State University on February 11, 1961. The group of men who were initiated on that date had been members of the Caballero Social Club which was founded in 1949 by twenty men living in Young House, close to the campus.

Over the period of eleven years there were 242 men initiated into the Caballero Club and 134 have been initiated into Sigma Chi. Read about the History of the Caballero Club.

Banner Over the fifty-year period of Sigma Chi at Sam Houston, there have been 1285 men initiated into or affiliated with the Epsilon Psi Chapter. A new site with pictures of our Chapter Brothers is now up and running.

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The Officers of Epsilon Psi for 2010-2011 are

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