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(A complete list of all Sigma Chi Alumni Chapters throughout North America)


"I made some very lasting friendships out of my association in college. There is always a bond with the fellows you were there with. The friendships I made in college with Sigs. . .are a very valuable thing for me in my line of work because nowadays half the people who want to meet me have some kind of business angle, so I value my old friends quite a bit. The fraternity has meant an awful lot to me. . . .I remember the week we went through Initiation. The Ritual was very, very meaningful to me. It was a very difficult period, needless to say, but I must say in retrospect, [that] it's held its value and its meaning and the historical perspective that it gives you. I think the Ritual and the fraternity mystics, and just the sense of history that goes back with Sigma Chi are things that help make those bonds so strong." ---Tom Selleck, former star of Magnum, P.I.)

Sigma Chi is not over when a man receives his degree; the experience continues throughout his life. There are currently 120 Sigma Chi alumni chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Luncheons, dinners, golf tournaments, family picnics, sporting events, alumni gatherings, community service---these are all part of the post-graduate Sigma Chi experience. It is impossible for a Sigma Chi to forget good friends no matter the distance; it is impossible for a Sigma Chi to forget the fun, no matter how long ago; it is impossible for a Sigma Chi to forget the moment the White Cross was pinned on him.

It is, of course, reasonable to ask if all fraternities offer the identical benefits of Sigma Chi and it is reasonable to assume that many do. But when one looks at the number of Sigma Chi alumni chapters as compared to the number of other fraternities' alumni groups, when one acknowledges the prestige of Sigma Chi throughout the world, and when one looks at the prominent men who are members of Sigma Chi, it is reasonable to conclude that Sigma Chi probably has "something special" which the others may not have. It has been said that there are many men who belong to other fraternities who wished they were Sigma Chis; but there are few, if any, Sigma Chis who wished they had joined any other fraternity!

Sigma Chi alumni help their undergraduate brothers in many ways: by giving monetarily back to their chapters, by becoming a members of the chapter's House Corporation, by volunteering to be Advisors in various capacities, by being active in a chapter near them, by returning to initiations and welcoming new members, by visiting chapters near them and showing interest. Sigma Chi International Fraternity recognizes alumni who have been successful in their chosen walks of life; they are designated as Significant Sigs.

Sigma Chi: A Lifelong Experience

Sigma Chi Alumni in Texas

1284 men have been initiated into or affiliated with Epsilon Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi at Sam Houston since 1961. These men span all walks of life and are represented in all areas of human endeavor. Not only are many alumni prominent in their respective communities and occupations, many of them also serve as members and officers of the SHSU Alumni Association.

An alumni e-newsletter and other information about chapter activities are emailed to alumni peridically during the school year. The email contains information about the alumni and the active chapter; recalls the history of the chapter; reports the changes in the campus; announces upcoming events, such as initiations, alumni golf tournaments, alumni barbeques, and Homecoming; and includes other pertinent information of interest to the SHSU Sigs. Every five years a chapter directory is compiled and distributed to each alumnus to facilitate communication between brothers.

With the numerous active Sigma Chi alumni chapters throughout the world, any Sig from any chapter may join one near him. Each alumni chapter has its own dinners and get-togethers for its members. For example, the Houston Alumni Chapter, one of the largest in the country, has monthly luncheons and, at certain times, has special gatherings: early each spring semester the annual Wild Game Dinner is held and attracts over 300 Sigs. A golf tournament is hosted in late Spring and in the summer a family picnic is held at the ranch of Significant Sig Bud Adams.

Sigma Chi is a lifelong commitment. Once a Sigma Chi, always a Sigma Chi! A Sig chooses whether he wants to be an active alumnus; sometimes location or occupation prevents him from being as active as he would like. But any Sig can become a Life Loyal Sig at any time after his initiation; this designation allows him current access to Sigma Chi and all information is sent to him from Headquarters. There are over 150 Sam Houston Sigs who are Life Loyal Sigs. Sigs who stay active after graduation enrich their Sigma Chi experience through association with their brothers of all ages.

"Sigma Chi is one of the great success stories of college and university life. In my life, the brothers of Sigma Chi and the ideals represented by the White Cross we all share have been very important, and will continue to be so the rest of my life.

  • ---Dr. M. Cecil Mackey, Jr., President of Michigan State University

  • Taking inspiration from the White Cross and following the principles of its Founders, the Sigma Chi Fraternity shall:
    • ---cultivate and maintain the high ideals on which Sigma Chi was founded: Friendship, Justice, and Learning;
    • ---foster and preserve high academic standards;
    • ---train the undergraduate in leadership responsibility and instill the idea of good citizenship;
    • ---stimulate participation in college programs and develop close cooperation between Sigma Chi membership and college officials, faculty, and other student organizations; and
    • ---provide a helping hand of brotherhood for the achievement of purposeful living, both in the college community and in the years to follow.

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