Drew Brees

Jim Caviezel

Bob Griese

John Wayne

"You have to be honest, have integrity, be able to cooperate and get along with other people. Sigma Chi is a great place to learn that and that's why it's a great thing to join this fraternity." -- Jim Palmer

Bret Baier Letterman Trabert DeVries Olsen

Bret Baier, FOX News Anchor

"When I became a Sigma Chi it was great, because they were the pople I enjoyed being with and I was very proud of the association. It was kind of an instant confidence builder for me--that what I considered the best fraternity on campus had actually wanted me. And I had always been very shy and without a lot of confidence. So it was a really good social experience and for me it was also a social maturation. It was a great benefit." -- David Letterman

Tony Trabert

"Sigma Chi, more than anything else, got me involved with the people who knew how to study, and they helped me. I learned from them. The Norman Shield is still quite applicable now." -- William DeVries, the Louisville, Kentucky surgeon who performed the first four implants of the permanent artificial heart. "Sigma Chi was a learning experience for me in personal growth, in finding out more about myself, in shaping my life more effectively, and in directing my energies more efficiently. All of those things were heavily influenced by my Sigma Chi experience. There is no question that that has had a tremendous impact on my career, profesionally and on my life." -- Merlin Olsen

Ditka Barksdale Pitt Beatty Marriott
"What you do in life by yourself doesn't mean as much as what you accomplish with a group of people. Sigma Chi was one of the greatest things that happened to me. I really appreciate what it has done for me in my lifetime, and I hope I can continue to give something back." -- Mike Ditka "It's tough hiring good people. It's always a great testament to a man if on his resume it says he's a Sigma Chi."--Jim Barksdale, CEO Netscape

Brad Pitt

Warren Beatty

"The key to our business is people skills. Sigma Chi helps you learn better people relationships, to get along with others, and also teaches the importance of honesty and integrity." -- William Marriott

Rooney Christopher Crabb Bryan Selleck

Andy Rooney

William Christopher

Buster Crabbe

Luke Bryan

Tom Selleck

Gilyard Bussey ERic Close Everett Caniff

Clarence Gilyard

Bill Bossey, balloonist

Eric Close

Jim Everett

Milton Caniff

McGinley Van HOrn Young

Mike Peters

Woody Harrelson

Ted McGinley

Darrin Van Horn

John Young

McPherrin Cameron Eric Harris Piatowski

Cory McPherrin

Bruce Cameron

Eric Fonoimoana, Olympic gold medalist in volleyball

William Y. Harris, sculptor

Eric Piatowski