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Office of Field Experience


Registration Procedure for Level I FE

Registration for Level I Field Experience observation hours will be available only one week - see the Level I F. E. Calendar

IMPORTANT! - Students who have not applied to the Educator Preparation Program (which includes a criminal history check) will not be allowed to register for their field experience, which is a course requirement.

Registration is secured on a "first-come, first-served" basis. For the largest selection of field experience sites and times, SUBMIT EDUCATOR PREPARATION APPLICATION DURING SCHEDULED TIME AND REGISTER EARLY!

Each school has a limited number of time slots, and once a school's observation slots have been filled, they will not be accessible to other students.

To register you only need a computer with access to the World Wide Web.

View a demo of the Level 1 F.E. Registration program

Registration/Report Procedures:

  • Go to the Sam Houston State Website at http://www.shsu.edu
  • Click on: Education, Departments, Office of Field Experience, Level I, Registration.
  • On the log-in page, enter requested information.
  • Click on the button for the course you wish to schedule observation hours for and submit
  • The screen that appears will show your Current Field Experience Schedule (it will initially be blank). Below that will be a pull down menu of partnership campuses. To Add (or Remove) hours from your current field experience schedule, click on the campus where you want to have field experience.
  • The top of the screen will also list your current schedule of observation locations and times. Below your schedule will be boxes representing the available time slots for field experience at that campus. If no box is present, that specific time and/or date is not available and cannot be selected.
  • Schools have requirements for university students visiting their classrooms, such as "Sign in at the front office upon arrival," "Dress professionally," "Wear a Name Tag," etc. These requirements are listed above the schedule of observation locations and times. All education students must meet these requirements while conducting his/her field experience hours.
  • To add, remove, or edit field experience times, click on the desired box. A check in the box indicates you have added those hours. Clicking on the box again removes the check, and removes that particular hour from your schedule.
  • After the desired times are selected for this school, click on the "ADD HOURS" button. The current observation schedule, with any changes made, will be displayed. Repeat the above steps until you have registered for the desired number of field experience hours.
  • Once completed, click on the Printable Observation Hours Report.
  • Printable Observation Hours Report. You can view your observation schedule and print it by selecting the printer icon on your browser. Print two copies. Keep one in a safe place in case you need to verify, reschedule, or correct your field experience. You can print your schedule anytime during the semester, even after registration has closed.
  • Make two copies of your documentation log-one for your instructor, one for personal files.
  • MISSING FIELD EXPERIENCE - The phone number of the each school office is also provided on the registration screen. Please write it down for a further contact after your registration. All students are expected to call the campus 2-3 days in advance to confirm their field experience. If, due to DOCUMENTABLE illness or emergency, you are unable to fulfill your field experience, you are to inform the school office and first attempt to reschedule with them. If necessary, contact Office of Field Experience to obtatin a list of available sites for rescheduling missed hours.

Should you require assistance, email Level 1 Field Experience Coordinator or call/leave a message at 936-294-1157. You may also contact the Office of Field Experience at (936) 294-3571.


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