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Welcome to my personal page. This is my family, in a picture taken in May of 1999 at Glen Eyrie, just north of the Garden of the Gods. Our good friend and budding professional photographer, Heather Honken, took this shot.

Tim, Bonnie, Michael, Brooke, and Meagan McGuire picture goes here.  Coke, a black Labrador retriever, is also in the picture

Here's a more recent picture:
McGuire Family, 2005

This is a picture of me with my best friend, my wife Bonnie.  We were married for almost 27 years before God took her from this life:

A fun picture of my wife Bonnie and me together
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My son Michael is a captain in the US Army, 101st Airborne Division, 506th Infantry Regiment (the famous "Band of Brothers").  Here is a picture taken during the reactivation of the unit in 2005.  Michael is on the left:

I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and spent my childhood and early adulthood in the Pikes Peak region. For many years, my wife Bonnie was employed during the summer by a ministry at the foot of Pikes Peak, and I spent as much time there as possible. This is one of my favorite pictures of Pikes Peak, taken sometime in February of 1995:

A picture of an awesome sunset over Pikes Peak

To see what it looks like right now, click here.

After taking several years off, I started skiing again in 2006. Here's a few shot of the family and I at Winter Park, Christmas 2006:
Winter Park, 2006

Michael and Meagan skiing at the top of Mary Jane:

Meagan and I at the top of Mary Jane:

Brooke couldn't ski because of her back injury, but she still enjoyed the mountains with us:

We did get a little snow:  That's a Suburban, not a van:

At this link are some of my pictures of Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle.

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