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photograph © 2013 Lorena Lagos Pailla and Leticia Barrientos

Day 1: Arrival on King George Island, shipping out on Aquiles (19.2.2013)

Things that I found out the first day I arrived in Antarctica:


Zodiac Entry
Rope ladder
Researchers returning to Aquiles after a sampling day
The 8-step rope ladder used to board the frigate
if seas were too rough for the gangplank

Need a metric-to-English unit cheat sheet? One meter equals approximately 3 feet; 0 degrees Celsius is exactly 32 F. Pretty cool!

Last newest thing I learned the first day in Antarctica: yeah, penguins are cute; however this is substantially compensated for, some might say over-compensated for, by the smell of their colonies. Their long, white squirts of excrement are visible everywhere. Red partially-digested fish is often easily visible in the streaks. While very trusting, seemingly random individuals in the colony act as warning beacons, stand near where you walk, and call out to everyone nearby that invaders have arrived.

OK I learned that the second day.

The usual suspect,
a Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua)
Penguin squirt
Penguin excrement,
probably undigested krill, ejected horizontally


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