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Darren L. Williams, Ph.D.
Physical Chemistry
Sam Houston State University
Welcome to DW's Curiosities Page

This page is a convenient location for Dr. Williams to place curious little items on the Internet.  I hope you like what you find.  

Downloads. To download, right-click the link and select "Save Target As..."

  • A handy Excel worksheet for solving Sudoku puzzles "by hand" (xls)
  • Now, I've written a Macro to solve the puzzles (xls), but it can only do puzzles that have "single option" cells.  I'm working on the "double option maze" type problems, but this is nicht so facile.  Duh-Note: You must enable macros for the macro to work.  (video of it in action)
  • I have the cure for mid-holiday boredom.  Yes, you too can make a roller coaster in Excel.  Don't believe me?  Watch the video and download the macro-enabled Excel file (xlsm).
  • (more to come...)

Other work...

  • A video on the HSPiP software prediction of the Hansen Solubility Parameters using SMILES code and the Yamamoto-molecular breaking (Y-MB) method.
  • A video showing how to load the other databases that come with HSPiP.
  • Some HSP fundamentals:  A two part talk I gave at the 2010 Process Cleaning Expo (2010 PCx) (part 1 and part 2)
  • NEW video showing how to grab fragrances from the HSPiP database, paste them to Excel and blend their HSPs.