Dr. Diane L. H. Neudorf

Associate Professor of Biology

Avian Behavioral Ecology
Curator of Birds, SHSU Vertebrate Museum
Director, Texas Bird Sound Library

Department of Biological Sciences
P.O. Box 2116
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX 77431-2116 
TEL: (936) 294-1548
FAX: (936) 294-3940
EMAIL: neudorf@shsu.edu

Texas Bird Sound Library
Research Experience for Undergraduates



Ph.D. 1996 Ph.D. "with distinction" (Biology). York University , North York , ON
  Dissertation: A dual system of female control of extra-pair copulations in the Hooded Warbler ( Wilsonia citrina).

Advisor: Dr. B.J.M. Stutchbury

M.S. 1991 M.Sc. (Zoology). University of Manitoba , Winnipeg , MB .
  Titles Thesis: Nest defense in four host species of the Brown-headed Cowbird ( Molothrus ater ).
  Advisor: Dr. S.G. Sealy

B.S. 1998 University B.Sc. (Zoology). University of Manitoba , Winnipeg , MB


Neudorf, D.L.H., Bodily, R.A. and Shane, T. 2006. Lark Bunting ( Calamospiza melanocorys ): A Technical Conservation Assessment. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region Species Conservation Project. Online Publication.
Adobe PDF

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