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Lowman Student Center Celebrates Diversity With Student Artist’s Work

April 15, 2021
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton


Recently, Sam Houston State University’s Lowman Student Center (LSC) held an art contest through social media. One student’s work stood out so much, that she was asked to create a new piece to be permanently displayed in the LSC, just outside of the orange ballroom.

“The Faces of Bearkats,” created by SHSU student, Jada Jackson, is an eight-portrait series showcasing and celebrating the diverse student population of SHSU. Jackson is pursuing a studio art degree with a minor in education.

LSC Art1“I couldn’t believe that they actually picked me, but I am so thankful for the opportunity,” Jackson said. “I feel proud. For a long time, I was afraid to put myself out there and try new things, but during the pandemic, I decided that I want to try putting myself out into the world and see what would happen. I’d like to think it turned out pretty well.”

Jackson says she fell in love and became inspired by cartoons and comic books as a child, which continue to inspire her to this day.

“I’ve always been an artsy person. As a kid I loved cartoons and I tried to draw what I saw on the screen and it just kind of stuck,” Jackson said. “I filled up sheets of construction paper with drawings of my friends and my favorite characters. Coloring is my favorite part of the process, it’s fun to experiment with different combinations of colors and see what works and what doesn't.”

Growing up in Houston, Texas, Jackson was introduced to many different cultures at an early age and was inspired to include them in the series. Her whimsical, playful, art style brings a sense of fun to the ordinary and mundane.

LSC Art2“I want people to feel happy when they see my work,” Jackson said. “I want for people to see these pieces and feel included because they belong here at SHSU.”

Rob Webber, director of the LSC, was delighted with the outcome of Jackson’s project and feels that it will be a great fit for years to come.

“This display has exceeded our expectations, we could not be more pleased with how it fills the space and captures the student experience at Sam Houston State,” Webber said. “It speaks to and represents the diversity we have at SHSU really well.”

Jackson plans to become an art teacher where she can inspire students to create art, and also continue to create her own artwork. More of Jackson’s art can be viewed online at jadajdoodles on Twitter and Instagram.

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