Services and Responsibilities

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  • Consulting
  • Investigations
  • Training
  • Policy Implementation
  • Policy Interpretation
  • Risk Management

Need Assistance? Call 936-294-3080 or Email and the Title IX Coordinator will be happy to help.


On a case by case basis, the University will consider reasonable interim remedies Including but not limited to:

  • Academic Assistance
  • Living Arrangements
  • Class Schedule Changes
  • Transportation/Work Assistance
  • No Contact Directives
  • Safety Planning
  • Service Referrals


The Office of Equity & Inclusion is home to the SHSU Title IX Coordinator, and is the central office for making a complaint regarding behavior that may constitute sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence. The Title IX Coordinator offers consultations for students, faculty, staff and supervisors who have questions or concerns. In addition, a person may call the Title IX Coordinator anonymously to discuss his/her situation and receive information, and decide what to do later.

In most instances, support, remedies and other resources can be provided right away! Title IX exists to deter gender-based discrimination and make our campus a safer, more welcoming place to be.


The Sam Houston State University Title IX Coordinator and Staff are available to you and responsible for:

  1. Overseeing all Title IX complaints and investigations to provide prompt, fair and equitable resolutions
  2. Identifying and addressing any patterns or systemic issues that arise related to Title IX
  3. Being available to meet with students, faculty, and staff to provide support and answer questions
  4. Working with other college or university officials as required
  5. Coordinating training, education and communication pertaining to Title IX for the SHSU campus and community
  6. Assisting faculty, staff, students, and law officials with responding appropriately to reports of sexual violence
  7. Ensuring that our institution is compliant with all Federal, State and local Title IX responsibilities