Academic Tools

Academic Success Center & Tutoring

The Academic Success Center assists and empowers students to succeed academically, persist through graduation, prepare for graduate and professional endeavors, and develop an appreciation for lifelong learning.

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Get an Academic Mentor

The SAM Center can provide you with a mentor to help you reach your academic goals. If you are interested in participating in academic mentoring this semester, we encourage you to learn more about the Academic Improvement Mentoring (AIM) program.

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Student Success Initiatives

Freshman year of college is an important milestone in a student’s academic life. To support this transition, Sam Houston State University developed the First-Year Experience program (FYE). Find out more about the program at the FYE/Student Success Initiatives website.

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Academic Calendar

Consult the university's Academic Calendar for all important dates and deadlines for current, previous, and future semesters.

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Finals Schedule

Check out the schedule for upcoming final exams for the current semester.

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The Newton Gresham Library (NGL) serves the research needs of the Sam Houston State University community. The library holds over 1.3 million books, bound periodicals, and government documents in a variety of formats.

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