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Texas State University System Regents' Professor

Research interests: Commutative Algebra, Combinatorics, Number Theory

Refereed Papers

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Papers Submitted or in Progress

  1. “On length Densities,” (with C. O’Neill and V. Ponomarenko) submitted.
  2. “On the atomicity of positive monoids and semirings,” (with F. Gotti and M. Gotti) in preparation.
  3. The importance of being prime, a nontrivial generalization for nonunique factorizations,” (withN. Baeth) in preparation.
  4. “Generating ideals in subrings ofK[[X]] via numerical semigroups,” in preparation.

Professional Nontechnical Writing

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Papers in Translation

  1. “How to deal with a Mathematics journal Editor,” Vietnamese translation,Newsletter of theVietnamese Mathematical Society3(2017), 10–14.
  2. "I prefer pi: A brief history and anthology of articles in the American Mathematical Monthly, I”(with J. Borwein) Chinese translation,Mathematics3(2017), 207–218.
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