Faculty Learning Communities

What are Faculty Learning Communities?

The Engaging Classrooms QEP team is excited to announce the inaugural year of Faculty Learning Communities at SHSU! Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are peer-facilitated groups of faculty who come together to explore a particular theme. The spirit of the FLC program is to make time and space for faculty to engage in conversation and inquiry around a topic of mutual interest. During the course of an FLC, a group of about 8 faculty members from diverse ranks and across disciplines go through the process of creating scholarship together: identifying an area of interest to explore, designing an innovation in this area, and reporting the outcomes of this innovation.

Curious to learn more? Join our FLC facilitators for a virtual drop-in event to learn about each FLC theme and how it will function during the spring. The drop-in will take place on Friday, October 23, 2020 from 12-1pm over Zoom. If you are interested in stopping by, please complete this short form to register and receive a Zoom link. Registrants will be able to pick up a boxed lunch before the virtual drop-in event. 

FLC Themes for Spring 2021

  • Motivating and Learning in Large Gateway Courses
  • Best Practices in Community Engaged Learning: Developing and Implementing ACE Pedagogy in Your Courses​
  • Active Learning in a Non-Majors Core Course: Getting a Small Class Feel in a Large Class Setting
  • Community Engaged Research: Scholarship with, and in, Communities
  • The Study of Neuroscience in Education: The Discovery of Current Research in Neuroscience and How We Use That In Instruction to Create a Better Learning Environment
  • Online Teaching and Learning: Exploring Challenges and Best Practices

How can you apply?

You can access the application through the button below. Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis for the Spring 2021 semester. 

Application Here