Faculty Learning Communities

What are Faculty Learning Communities?

The Engaging Classrooms QEP team is excited to announce the inaugural year of Faculty Learning Communities at SHSU! Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are peer-facilitated groups of faculty who come together to explore a particular theme. The spirit of the FLC program is to make time and space for faculty to engage in conversation and inquiry around a topic of mutual interest. During the course of an FLC, a group of about 10 faculty members from diverse ranks and disciplines go through the process of creating scholarship together: identifying an area of interest to explore, designing an innovation in this area, and reporting the outcomes of this innovation.

In Fall 2020, we will launch six FLCs with a broad range of topics. The theme unveiling planned for March 18th has been postponed until further notice.

FLC Themes for Academic Year 2020-2021

To be announced soon!

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How can you apply?

Applications for the FLC program will be opening soon.