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Banking Students ‘Cash In’ On Seminar Success

April 4, 2014
SHSU Media Contact: Jennifer Gauntt
Story By: Amy Barnett

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The Sam Houston State University College of Business Administration will award scholarships to 10 students in a ceremony on April 29 after three banking seminars raised $40,000 for finance and banking majors.

headshot Jim Bexley
Jim Bexley, Smith-Hutson Endowed Chair of Banking at SHSU, organized three seminars last semester that generated $40,000 for student scholarships.

“The Houston office of accounting firm Doeren Mayhew, along with Insperity, a human resources outsourcing company, approached us about working on programs to educate bankers in which proceeds would fund scholarships for our students,” said Jim Bexley, Smith-Hutson Endowed Chair of Banking.

Happy to take part, Bexley and his colleagues also suggested including in the partnership Financial Tools, the company that provided $2 million in software to SHSU banking students.

Financial Tools joined with Insperity, Doeren Mayhew and SHSU and helped underwrite the seminars titled “Improving Bank Performance,” which were held in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio in October.

“These seminars provided bankers with information on how to make their organizations more profitable," Bexley said. "We educated the bankers at these forums and in return the sponsoring companies got great exposure.”

There were four speakers at each of the seminars. Along with Bexley, were Dan Jackson, from Financial Tools; Robin Hoag, from Doeren Mayhew; and Paul Forey, from Insperity. C. J. Coolidge, a motivational speaker, also spoke at each of the luncheons.

The three seminars raised $40,000 from enrollment fees and underwriting by the sponsoring companies.

From those funds, 10 SHSU undergraduate banking students will each receive a $3,000 scholarship.

The scholarship winners are Courtney Bright, Allyson Brown, Zachary Cabra, Stuart Hamlin, Wesley Gerren, Nithiya Nagapan, Mathew Richardson, Kari Rosser, Juan Torres, and Reynaldo Torres.

Two graduate students will each receive $5,000 in scholarship money, but will be awarded the scholarships at a later date.

“Nothing is more important than scholarships for young people because it is so expensive to go to college these days," Bexley said. "These seminars truly created a win-win situation—students are receiving scholarships; SHSU’s banking program got great exposure to bankers, so now more of them know about our program; and we have now formed a great relationship with these companies.

“The executives with these companies were very pleased with the results of these seminars, and we are already planning to do others.”

The next seminars will be held in August 2014 in Houston and Dallas and are anticipated to raise another $40,000 for scholarships.



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