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| Psychology and Philosopy Department




Articles, Book Chapters and Commentaries (Refereed)


Botero, M., Buccafurni, D. & Desforges, D. (forthcoming) How Much Should the People Know? Implications of Methodological Choices in The Study of Intentionality and Blame Ascriptions. Applied Psychology and Criminal Justice.


Botero, M. (forthcoming) Tactless Scientists, Ignoring Touch in the Study of Joint Attention. Philosophical Psychology.


Botero, M. (forthcoming) Primates are Touched by Your Concern: Touch, Emotion, and Social Cognition in Chimpanzees. In K. Andrews & J. Beck (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Animal Minds.


Botero, M. (forthcoming) To What Kind of Research They Can Dissent? The Role that Distinguishing Between Biomedical and Behavioral Research Plays in Granting Dissent and Assent to Chimpanzees used in Experimentation. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics.


Botero, M. (forthcoming) Autonomy in Children: Accessing the Inaccessible Space in Essex County Vol. 1: Tales from the Farm. Graphic Novels and Philosophy, University Press of Mississippi.


Botero, M. (2016) Death in the Family. Animal Sentience (1) p. 40.


Botero, M. (2014). How Primate Mothers and Infants Communicate, Characterizing Interaction in Mother-Infant Studies Across Species. In M. Pina & N. Gontier (Eds.), The Evolution of Social Communication in Primates: A Multidisciplinary Approach (pp. 83-100). London: Springer.


Botero, M., MacDonald, S., & Miller, R. (2013) Anxiety-related Behavior of Orphan Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) at Gombe National Park, Tanzania. Primates, Volume 54 (1): 21-26.


Botero, M. (2012) Reconstructing with More Situated Social Interactions, Emotion Review, 4: 246-6.


Botero, M. (2011) Genderless Subjects in Cognitive Science: Physicalism in the Transgender World. In T. Teo, P. Stenner, A. Rutherford, et al., (Eds.) Varieties of Theoretical Psychology International Philosophical and Practical Concerns, Toronto: Captus University Publications.


Book Reviews (Refereed*)


Botero, M. (2016) Navigating the Landscape of the Animal Mind, An Interdisciplinary Journey, Society & Animals (24), p. 85-88*.


Botero, M. (2012) Review of The Primate Mind, Built to Connect with Other Minds, Frans B. M. de Waal and Pier Francesco Ferrari (Editors), 2012 Metapsychology Reviews Online, Volume 16, Issue 35.


Botero, M., (2010) Review of Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees, M. Matsuzawa, M. Tomonaga, & M. Tanaka, (Eds.). The Journal of Developmental Processes, Volume 2, Issue 2, pp. 115- 119*.


Botero, M. (2009) Review of Onflow; Dynamics of Consciousness and Experience R. Pred, MIT Press. Metapsychology Reviews Online, Volume 10, Issue 31.


Web Based Publications


Botero, M. (2015, July 20-24). Featured scholar. The Brains Blog. 


Botero, M. (2009). More than Designing an Ethogram, The Implications of Choosing a Methodology in Primatology. Philosophy of Science Archive.


Philosophical Translations


Spanish Translation Hosle, V. (2002) Plato and Darwinism. Universitas Philosophica 39, p. 11-48.


In Preparation


Botero, M. (revise and resubmit) Prolegomenon to the Development of Basic Emotions in Apes and Humans, Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.


Botero, M. (under review) Autonomous Chimpanzees Clocking Out for the Last Time: The Moral Argument Behind a Decision to Retire Chimpanzees from Research as a Guideline for the Use of Animals in Research.


Botero, M. & Desforges, D. (under review) Folk Moral Intuitions in Animal Ethics Committees.


Botero, M., MacDonald, S., Shanker, S. & Pusey, A. (in progress), A longitudinal study of mother-infant interaction on anxiety and social behavior of infant chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) at Gombe National Park, Tanzania. 


Botero, M. & Schneider C. (in progress) Onset of Communicative Gestures in Infant Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in Captive and Wild Settings.