Letter from the President

May 12, 2020


Like many universities across the nation, Sam Houston State plans to resume classroom teaching and campus life this fall.

Will things be different?  Yes…they have to be. Our world is different. While we continue to develop new and innovative ways to safely live, learn and work within a campus setting, I want to reassure you the unique Bearkat experience and our rich traditions will still be here. The heart and soul of this university remains untouched.

I know we will overcome this pandemic. I also know that when we do declare victory, we will not return to business as usual. Across all aspects of our life, changes will most certainly be here in one form or another after this threat subsides. Higher education is no exception.

For us, the future is now. As we learn to adapt to an ongoing level of uncertainty, universities are drawing on their collective knowledge in order to build robust and flexible teaching models, innovative ways to deliver services and support, and environments that remain safe while encouraging interaction and engagement.

We have commissioned a number of work groups to review specific challenges within key areas in order to develop recommendations and plans along a continuum of scenarios. These groups are analyzing classroom environments, specialized class activities, academic support services, events/performances, student support services and emergency operations.

Any recommendations must uphold the integrity of our academic mission and maximize the value of a Sam Houston State educational experience.  I am confident our faculty and staff have the talent, knowledge, and unwavering dedication to provide the insight needed to build a solid strategic framework for the future. In spite of the many challenges and strain we experienced this spring, the resiliency and strong bonds found in our community have never failed to provide us the support we needed. 

Please visit Today@Sam for more information on work groups.

While our campus may operate in different ways, fundamentally, who we are and what we stand for remains unchanged. We are always going to be Bearkats.  Our motto, “The measure of a life is its service” is just as relevant today as it was when first adopted over a century ago.

We must have faith and a strong conviction that even in a different world, we can and will continue to make a difference...together.

Dr Hoyt Signature

Dana G. Hoyt, President