What do I do if I feel sick or if I have been exposed?

Business Operations

Throughout the semester, SHSU will implement protocols to increase the health and safety of employees, while ensuring university operating needs are sustained. These protocols include mandatory face coverings, social distancing efforts, and frequent cleaning and hand washing.

Employees are encouraged to continue to use collaborative technology such as Zoom and Teams.

Face Covering Requirements

Effective March 10, 2021, the university will:

  • Continue to require all individuals in ALL buildings on the Sam Houston State University campus to wear face coverings.
  • Modify the face covering requirement outside. Masks will only be required in outside campus areas where:
    • Physical distancing (6 feet or more) is NOT possible
    • When in groups (2 people or more)
    • Where congestion is likely and,
    • At prescribed events, including all Athletic events

For more information about face coverings, view the face covering FAQ.

Precautions and Cleaning

Across campus, precautions are taken to minimize the spread of COVID-19. 

  • Changing occupancy recommendations and seating designs reduces density on campus, generally by at least 50%.  
  • Signage installed across campus limits interactions through directing traffic and enhancing social distancing.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols in all buildings further minimizes the spread of COVID-19. In addition to cleaning commonly used areas and restrooms a minimum of three times a day, Facilities Management provides intensive cleaning and disinfecting of areas reported as compromised with exposure to COVID-19. 

For more information about cleaning procedures, view SHSU's comprehensive cleaning protocols

Information for Managers/Supervisors

If you receive a report of an employee testing positive for COVID-19, you must:

  1. Notify the employee of obligations outlined in the SHSU protocols
  2. You may contact the Student Health Center Director at 936-294-1843 with questions about the departmental response to an employee’s positive test result.
  3. Maintain the medical privacy of all employees. 
  4. Coordinate any notice to co-workers of potential close contact without stating the name or identifying information of the employee. 
  5. Call Facilities Management Customer Service 936-294-1869 to report a compromised area and need for comprehensive cleaning. 

Telecommuting Information

F&O Human Resources Policy ER-12  provides telecommuting options when remote work serves the interests of the University and is approved by the department head and division vice president. Employees seeking to work remotely should review the policy, discuss the potential options with their supervisor.  When in agreement with the request, the supervisor submits a completed telecommuting proposal through supervisory channels to the division vice president.  

Time Reporting and Leave Information

Employees present on campus and those employees with approved telecommuting in accordance with F&O Human Resources Policy ER-12 report time as normal.

Employees that cannot work on campus due to COVID-19 conditions should explore the possibility of telecommuting. When telecommuting is not an option, benefit-eligible employees may use any accrued sick or vacation leave, or when leave is not available, benefit-eligible employees with medical documentation may be on leave without pay.