Updated as of February 23, 2022

Face Coverings (Optional)

All unvaccinated members of the SHSU community are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings when indoors in public spaces. Those who are fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings indoors in public spaces during periods of "substantial" or "high" transmission.

Faculty Office Hours

GA-38 prohibits the university from requiring face coverings, therefore they cannot be required during office hours. If desired, the instructor may choose to hold office hours outdoors or in larger rooms to accommodate face-to-face meetings. It is also acceptable to hold office hours virtually via Zoom.

Classroom Preventative Maintenance

Air Filtration Upgrades*

  • Existing HVAC equipment that could support MERV-15/15a filters were upgraded to this level of filtration;
  • Existing HVAC equipment which could not be upgraded to use MERV-15/15a filters were upgraded with a combination of MERV 9 filters and UVC light; or
  • Stand-alone HEPA filtration units were installed in densely occupied spaces.

*These options are 90 percent effective in filtering out particles the size of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Plexiglass Barriers (Optional)

Each classroom will have a plexiglass barrier for optional use by faculty members.


  • Capacities of all university-controlled spaces have returned to pre-COVID levels
  • Exceptions based on risk profile/CDC recommendations may continue to be enforced on a case-by-case basis
  • Buffer space will be provided in all areas so individuals have the opportunity to social distance


  • COVID-19 testing for faculty and staff will continue to be offered throughout the semester

Positive Case Reporting & Follow Up

  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to continue to self-report

COVID-Related Accommodations – Faculty/Staff

  • Any faculty/staff required to isolate or quarantine because of COVID-related illness or precaution will follow the same process in place for absences related to other illnesses.
    • Faculty/staff must provide a doctor’s note to return to work for periods longer than 3 days
    • Faculty/staff identified as a close contact and who must stay home must provide a doctor’s note to employment@shsu.edu.
  • Faculty/staff who need to request workplace accommodations may submit personal and medical documentation in accordance with HR Policy ER-5.


Travel is now allowed to countries with a level 4 travel advisory due only to COVID-19-related restrictions.

New Requirement for Pre-Approval Report

If faculty or staff members are planning to travel to a country with a level 4 travel advisory due only to COVID-19-related restrictions, a statement is now required in the business purpose section of the Pre-Approval Report. (This applies to level 4 travel advisories only, and only applies to those that are in place due to COVID-19 restrictions.)

Business Purpose Statement

The statement must acknowledge that the faculty/staff member is traveling to a country with a level 4 advisory due only to COVID-19-related restrictions, and that the faculty/staff member will follow all U.S. and country-specific travel requirements. If the statement is not included, the Pre-Approval Report will be returned to the faculty/staff member to add.

Additional Information

Check travel advisory levels.

If you have any additional questions, please email Justin Ball with the Office of International Programs.

University Events

  • Standard event approval processes are in effect.