COVID-19 Checkup 05-05-2022


May 5, 2022


Congratulations – you did it! Despite COVID-19 lingering, you finished strong and healthy. We appreciate all you have done to complete the semester in-person. Our COVID-19 Workgroup has been reviewing information and our own experiences over the past two years.

So, in the two years since COVID-19, what have we learned? We learned the importance of teamwork. We learned that if we all work together, listen to each other and solve problems collectively, we can continue to heal, learn and grow. We also learned about the importance of taking care of one’s mental health as stress, anxiety and burnout became more prevalent. And, we learned Bearkats are resilient, strong and adaptable as evidenced by our campus community’s ability to thrive despite the numerous challenges we faced.

Looking Ahead

The university will implement a few changes to its current procedures for the Fall ’22 semester:

  • On-campus COVID-19 quarantine housing will NOT be offered
  • Diagnostic testing will continue to be offered, but it will not be free
  • The university will have free, at-home test kits for the Fall semester, while supplies last
  • Website updates. Please look for changes prior to the start of the semester. Additional correspondence will be sent to your email with updates to policy and procedures
  • Watch your SHSU email account for health-related communications from the Student Health Center as we prepare to return to campus in the Fall

Grab and Go!

Don’t forget to get an at-home COVID-19 test kit at the Student Health Center before you leave for the semester. You must present your Sam ID to receive a test kit. Self-tests are one of several options for testing for the virus that causes COVID-19 and may be more convenient than laboratory-based tests and point-of-care tests.

Don't Forget...

We know you’ll be leaving us soon, and although you’ll be away, remember COVID-19 won’t be. Here are some reminders to keep you healthy over the summer:

When to Test for COVID-19

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms
  • At least 5 days after known or suspected close contact to COVID-19
  • Before and after travel
  • When asked by a healthcare professional or public health official

Attending an upcoming event or gathering? Reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 by getting tested as close to the event date as possible.

If you have had COVID-19 in the past 90 days and recovered, you do not need to be tested unless you develop new symptoms.

CDC Reporting Measures

There will be no COVID-19 Dashboard updates over the summer. The final update to the dashboard will take place on Friday, May 13.

Currently, our COVID-19 Community Level is LOW.

Prevention steps to take based on a Low COVID-19 Community Level?

COVID-19 Updates

We encourage you to continually check the SHSU COVID-19 website for additional updates and if you have questions, please email

Don’t forget to self-report your positive COVID-19 case to the patient portal. Once you self-report, you will receive an auto-reply with helpful information and guidance.

Test Kits

For the new academic year, Erica Bumpurs, director of the Student Health Center, will serve as chair of the COVID-19 workgroup. Our team will continue to monitor and adjust COVID-19 regulations and procedures as necessary.

Work Group Members


Erica Bumpurs (Chair) Health Center
Rhonda Beassie Human Resources
Lonnie Booker Emergency Management
Mary-Katherine Breen Academic Success Center
Anne Gaillard Office of the Provost
Weslie Gray College of Arts & Media
Stephanie Knific Marketing & Communications
Dustin LeNorman Athletics
Drew Miller Student Affairs
Matt Roberts Facilities Services
Rachel Shorter Client Services
Joellen Tipton Residence Life
Candace Walkley College of Osteopathic Medicine
Robert Williams Health Center