COVID-19 Checkup


February 25, 2020

Bearkat Community,
With an ongoing emphasis on testing and the beginning of our vaccine distribution to faculty and staff, we are hopeful that we will continue to see a steady decline in positive COVID-19 cases on campus. Because of the talented staff at our Student Health Center, symptomatic and exposure testing continue to run smoothly and remain available for everyone in our Bearkat community.

Don't Forget to Test Before and After Spring Break

Last week’s winter weather made us forget about COVID-19, if only for a bit. We gathered indoors, opened our homes to others in need, and probably were a bit lax with our safety protocols, understandably so. Making matters worse, research has shown that there is a higher risk of COVID infections when people gather indoors for an extended period of time. So, after hunkering down with others and Spring Break coming up, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the free testing at either the Student Health Center or the new LSC COVID-19 testing site located on the second floor (piano lounge area) before and after the break.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Were you shouting, cheering, high-fiving and double-dipping with your friends at a Super Bowl gathering? If so, it would be wise to check your health status every day – even if you feel symptom free – to ensure you are safe to be on campus. CampusClear, is a daily, 10-second assessment tool for students and employees that helps you monitor your overall health. Campus community members can access the free CampusClear app at the App Store or Google Play.

The COVID-19 vaccine is here! The Student Health Center received its first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine today.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vaccine:

What vaccine will the university receive?

How many shots of COVID-19 vaccine are required?
The Moderna vaccine requires two shots, given 24 - 28 days apart.

Who can get the vaccine?
The Student Health Center is following state eligibility requirements to administer COVID-19 vaccinations and is currently scheduling appointments with those on our waitlist who are in Phase 1A and 1B - medical professionals, persons over the age of 65, and adults 18 yrs or above who have a chronic medical condition placing them at risk for complications to COVID-19. Due to limited weekly supplies, members of the campus community who are in Phase 1A or 1B are encouraged to receive their vaccine from a pharmacy, hospital or other “vaccine hub” if possible.

How can I get a vaccine at the SHC?
If you currently qualify, you may request placement on the SHC waiting list by emailing or calling the SHC at 936.294.1805. You will be asked to provide contact information and disclose your age or health condition that qualifies you for Phase 1A or 1B.

Is my COVID-19 vaccine free?
Yes, the COVID vaccine is federally funded and the SHC will not assess charges.

I received my first dose of the COVID vaccine somewhere else. Can I get my second dose at SHSU?
No. The state allocates second doses for each location, based on the first doses administered there. So, you need to go to the same location for both doses.

I just got my vaccine! Do I still need to wear a mask?
Yes! Here are five reasons why you should continue to Mask ‘Em Up Kats:

  1. No vaccine is 100% effective.
    Clinical trials found that two doses of the Moderna vaccine prevented 95% of illnesses caused by the coronavirus, which means that one in 20 people are left unprotected.
  2. Vaccines don't provide immediate protection.
    No vaccine is immediately effective. It takes about two weeks for the immune system to make the antibodies that block viral infections. The Moderna vaccine will take a little longer than other inoculations, because it requires two doses.
  3. COVID vaccines may not prevent you from spreading the virus.
    COVID vaccines clearly prevent illness, but researchers are still figuring out whether they prevent transmission too.
  4. Masks protect people with compromised immune systems.
  5. Masks protect against any strain of the coronavirus, in spite of genetic mutations.
    Global health leaders are extremely concerned about new genetic variants of the coronavirus, which appear to be at least 50% more contagious than the original.

COVID-19 Updates

Weekly updates of confirmed cases of COVID-19 will continue to be added to the university’s dashboard every Monday through Friday, at approximately 4:30 p.m. To see the current number of cases, visit Dashboard Updates.

REMINDER: If you received a positive COVID-19 test, please self-report your results immediately so we may ensure our dashboard is as accurate as possible.

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