COVID-19 Checkup 01-13-2022


January 13, 2022


Welcome back to a New Year and a new semester! Believe it or not, the second anniversary of the start of the pandemic is rapidly approaching. I know we all wish COVID was a thing of the past, but even though it can feel a bit like a “one step forward, two steps back” situation, there continues to be progress and helpful scientific advancements on a regular basis. Based on projections, epidemiologists believe that we will be well beyond the peak of the current Omicron wave by the first week of February. Until then, we all know what to do to help keep our Bearkat family as safe as possible; get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t, test often if you have symptoms OR a known exposure (5 days after the exposure), stay home if you’re sick, and wear a KN95 mask and practice social distancing when necessary. If we continue to take these tried and true steps, we can look forward to a healthy, productive, IN PERSON semester!

COVID-19 Updates

We encourage you to continually check the SHSU COVID-19 website for additional updates and if you have questions, please email

Case reporting will begin for the spring semester on Jan. 14, 2022.


  • Don’t forget to self-report your positive COVID-19 case to the patient portal. Once you self-report, you will receive an auto-reply with helpful information and guidance.
  • Students who need documentation for a COVID-related absence should obtain documentation from the medical clinic/provider where they received care. Students who did not see a medical provider and still require documentation should use the Absence Request Notification Form. The Student Health Center will only provide documentation for students who had a medical appointment.

Community Transmission Rate: High

During high rates of community transmission, the CDC advises all people, regardless of vaccination status, to mask up in areas reporting “substantial” or “high” transmission of the virus.

To see the current number of cases, visit Dashboard Updates.

If you received a COVID vaccine, don’t forget to add that information to your Patient Portal for your records.

Important Reminders

The Student Health Center is temporarily out of the of free rapid over-the-counter home test kits. Watch for social media updates on when they will be available again.

Work Group Members


Erica Bumpurs (Chair) Health Center
Rhonda Beassie Human Resources
Lonnie Booker Emergency Management
Mary-Katherine Breen Academic Success Center
Anne Gaillard Office of the Provost
Weslie Gray College of Arts & Media
Stephanie Knific Marketing & Communications
Dustin LeNorman Athletics
Drew Miller Student Affairs
Matt Roberts Facilities Services
Rachel Shorter Client Services
Joellen Tipton Residence Life
Candace Walkley College of Osteopathic Medicine
Robert Williams Health Center