aquatic ecosystem ecology is fun;repeat as necessary.

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What and Who we are looking for?

We are looking for both undergraduate students, graduate students, student workers and interns who enjoy field work and getting dirty, who are hard working and dedicated (because grad school isn't always easy), who enjoy ecosystem ecology, and who are not afraid to ask questions and grow as ecologists. 

Moreover, we are looking for students who have a passion to "do good science." 


Opportunities abound...

Your thesis research can be conducted in the lab, at a local field station,or at field sites from the Everglades to the Texas Gulf Coast.  The opportunities for graduate research funding are at an all time high.  I will do everything I can do to help with the process.


If you are currently a graduate student or if you are considering grad school - you need to be sure to check out

PhD Comics


I hesitated to put links to these articles up here, but do feel that in tandem, they offer some useful information and advice to potential students.

Some modest advice for graduate students - Steve Stearns (go)

Reply to Stearns: some acynical advice for graduate students - Ray Huey (go)


If you are considering attending graduate school and have a keen interested in aquatic ecosystem ecology, please contact me for additional details and potential sources of funding.  Together, I am positive we can carve out an exciting research project!