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Welcome to the aquatic ecosystem ecology lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at Sam Houston State University.  In the aquatic ecosystems ecology lab we employ a holistic approach to ecological field and laboratory research.  So what does that mean? Ecosystem approaches to science involve the integration of both biotic and abiotic considerations and often involve measurements of both ecosystem structure (plants, microbes, soils, and hydrology) and function (primary/secondary production, species diversity, and decomposition rates).  

In the lab we use wetlands as model systems to address research questions regarding the biogeochemical cycling of nutrients, ecosystem and community responses to natural and anthropogenic drivers (at varied spatial & temporal scales), and the importance/role of habitat management to sustain ecosystem goods and services. 

To effectively “do” ecosystem science, it is crucial to collaborate with researchers from multiple scientific disciplines including: geology, economics, meteorology, hydrology, chemistry, modeling, statistics, and biology.  As a result, nearly all of the lab's research endeavors are part of interdisciplinary research groups and include research projects in freshwater wetlands, inland lakes and streams and coastal saltmarshes -- ranging from the Florida Everglades to northwestern Pennsylvania, and the Gulf coast.

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department of biological sciences, sam houston state university

huntsville, texas, 77341



Freshwater Marsh - Florida Everglades Whooping Cranes - Aransas National Wildlife Refuge ECO-IMPACS - Summer 2013 - San Antonio Bay, Tx Florida Bay Coastal Pond (ANWR) at Sunset Wetland Ecology Lab - Galveston, Tx