Sam Houston State University: An Institutional Memory, 1879-2004






Becoming Normal

1. Experimentation: The First Principals

            The Administrations of Bernard Mallon & Hildreth H. Smith, 1879-1881

2. Sam Houston Sets a Straight Course

            The Administration of Joseph A. Baldwin, 1881-1891

3. An Era of Growth & Progress

            The Administration of Henry Carr Pritchett

4. On the Cusp of a New Age

            The Administration of Harry F. Estill, Part I, 1908-1923

5. Sam Houston State Teachers College

            The Administration of Harry F. Estill, Part II, 1923-1937

6. Interlude & Peril

            The Administration of Charles N. Shaver & the War Years of Harmon Lowman, 1937-1946

7. Almost “Happy Days”

            The Administration of Harmon Lowman, 1946-1964, cont.

8. Evolution

            The Administration of Arleigh B. Templeton, 1964-1970

9. Centennial & Beyond

            The Administration of Elliot T. Bowers, 1970-1989

10. “Let Us Not Yet Declare Victory…”

            The Administrations of Martin J. Anisman, Bobby K. Marks,

& James F. Gaertner, 1989-present