Do you have a large project request but you are unsure how to submit it and wonder where it goes for approval? Below you will find the information you need to submit your request and the research process it will go through.

Project Approval Process

Step 1: 

Submit your project request by selecting the appropriate division/department in the "Submit Proposal" section below and then complete the provided document.

Step 2:

Once you have filled out the required fields, click "Submit" and the document will automatically go to your division vice president for approval. 

Step 3:

After the division vice president approves your proposal, the Impact Planning Committee will receive it for review. They are responsible for identifying and communicating collaboration potential on projects across campus. Additionally, they serve as an advisory committee to the President's Cabinet for campus project prioritization order and approvals. 

Step 3a:

If your proposal requires additional research, it will then be sent to a subcommittee (variable membership based on project/initiative) for research regarding current and new technology, personnel, budget, and time for anticipated work. 

Step 4:

The President's Cabinet receives Impact recommendations for where your project should be placed on the Project Prioritization list to meet the needs of campus and align with the university goals. 

Step 5:

If your project receives cabinet approval, it will be placed on the project list and you will receive notification. 

Submit Proposal

Completed proposals must be submitted by the 2nd Wednesday of the month for review at the next Impact meeting. Committee meets 3rd Tuesday of the month. 

Division Liaisons

Impact (meets 3rd Tuesday of the month)

Mark Adams & Anne Gaillard - Chairs

Academic Affairs:
Ruth Chisum
Stephanie Fors
Somer Franklin
Julie Schwab

Justin Ball (Staff Council Chair)
Damon Hay (Faculty Senate Chair-Elect)
Lee Miller (Faculty Senate Chair)

College Representatives:
CAM - Brian Miller
COBA - Kurt Jesswein
COCJ - Danielle Boisvert
COE - Jannah Nerren
COHS - Jennifer Bunn
CHSS - Glenn Sanford
COM - Shannon Ramsey Jimenez
COSET - Melinda Holt
NGL - Eric Owen

Josh Reynolds

Enrollment Management:
Donna Artho
Clint Lockwood
Leah Mulligan
Teresa Ringo
Ann Theodori

Finance & Operations:
Lenora Chapman
Tessy Rappe
Amanda Withers

Information Technology:
Jim Bradley
Carrie Brannon
Kevin Hammel

Student Affairs:
Meredith Conrey
Keith Jenkins
Jordan Johnson (SGA President)
Drew Miller

University Advancement:
Kris Kaskel-Ruiz
Patty Lewis