The graph below compares my course evaluations to the College’s, using an unusual and revealing perspective.  For each course, I receive a summary “percentile” identifying where my scores compare to those in all similar courses in COBA that semester.  I then rank my percentiles from smallest to largest, and plot them in blue on the graph below.  In red is the “baseline”—the distribution that you would get by selecting course evaluations randomly from across the college.


The crossing point (about 55th percentile) gives a rough indication of how I stand in the college generally—slightly better than average.  The steepness of the line traced out by the blue bars indicates consistency—a more consistent instructor will tend to have a flatter line.  Mine is relatively steep, perhaps reflecting the variety of courses I have taught and the variety of teaching styles I use.  Stochiastic dominance occurs if the blue lines are never below the red lines. This would be a feat—I don’t achieve it!